I wanted to write this as a little add-on post, to compliment my post regarding dental school interviews.

Basically I want to offer the service of my assistance with dental school applications to anyone interested.

A number of people in the past year have approached me directly or through social media who know I am a dental student, and have been asking about certain aspects of the application process for dental schools in the UK – mostly regarding the interview process.

Of course, I am very busy, but would like to try my best to help anyone who is applying to dental school – specifically UK dental schools.

It doesn’t matter what stage of the application process you are at, I would be happy to try and help with any or all of the following:

  • Someone to talk to about dentistry
    -What is dental school like
    -Why should I consider dentistry
  • Advice on securing work experience; tips on how to approach:
    -General dental practices
    -Dental specialists- orthodontics
    -Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons
    -Dental Lab Technicians
  • Personal Statement help
    -Writing advice
    -Draft review with feedback & constructive criticism
  • Interview preparation
    -Panel interviews

You might read this and think: “Yo Ali, why are you doing all this? What’s in it for you?”

The truth is, I feel very fortunate now to have found dentistry. Every day that goes by when I spend more time exposed to dentistry at university and the more I learn, the more I become passionate about it all.

I realise I am only just at the beginning of my dental journey, so I am getting way ahead of myself! But when I describe dentistry as a passion I mean to say that I am enjoying dental school, and am super excited for all that the future holds! 😀

At this stage, I haven’t put much thought into how I can help exactly, so get in touch via the email address on my “Contact Me” page and we can figure it out together based on what I can do for you!

I’m London-based, so if any potential young applicants live in London or around the city who would want to come meet me for a coffee to talk about this in person –that could work too when it’s convenient!

The benefit this offer has is that I will make it personally tailored to you! Lots of advice you read online (including through this blog) is very general and non-personal. So I would endeavour to make any assistance I give specifically helpful for whoever comes to me, so we can address your own personal situation. Together we can identify the strengths and weaknesses in your application and then work to improve any areas you aren’t as confident in so you’re well prepared and confident in your application.

So if you’re reading this and might know of anyone who is thinking about applying to dental school, why not get them to have a look at this blog and maybe get in touch.