In a break from the norm, I feel an urge to put some thoughts down here, in a blog post format. So, here it is…


Just like everyone else in this life, I have had my fair share of struggles, heartbreaks, disappointments, stresses, disagreements, dark moments etc.

And, to be completely honest, it was only until quite recently in my life that I have become more mindful and more perceptive to the beauty of human nature and the pure happiness there is to gain in anything. It’s all about your outlook.

I don’t like the idea of a catchphrase, but, if I were to want one associated with myself, it would be this: SMILE BE KINDBE GRATEFUL

There is so much negativity in the world. Just look at your own life. I bet you describe things (and people) whom you supposedly ‘hate’. There are people, behaviours and things that can annoy you. When things don’t quite go exactly how you anticipated or hoped they would – it can be disappointing. I’m not saying you should never be annoyed or disappointed, because that isn’t possible or realistic – we are humans after all. But, we can reduce the negative burden we bring upon ourselves with a change in our perceptions.

I live in a big city, one of the largest in the world. I watch the news and hear of terrible things happening all over the world. I encounter people on a regular basis (unfortunately) who react and act negatively, abrasively, carelessly. Being negative is easy, but, so is being positive.

Why don’t you proactively choose to be positive more often? You will be surprised with how things work out for you. Outcomes are so much more lovely when you are positive.

Smile. It is one of the most powerful acts. Human encounters are amazing when there’s a smile involved. What is this new phenomenon of the ‘resting bitch face’ – I am not a fan.   God/evolution have gifted us with a very expressive face full of different muscles – use them to show your emotion! I have always been a smiley person – I try not to be sulky and expressionless. If you don’t have much reason to smile, then you need to ask yourself why – is there a change you can/should be making to help you be more content?

Be Kind. This should not need explaining. Kindness is such a beautiful quality. You will lead a happier life if you outwardly express a kind nature, being friendly, generous and also considerate. Your kindness will be reciprocated too.

Be Grateful. Despite there being so much bad in our lives, there is an extraordinary amount of good too. I don’t like the phrasing: ‘it could be worse’ – not at all. Do not be grateful through comparative thinking, just be grateful – period. Just appreciate the people in your life, the lifestyle you are able to lead, the freedom you have and express gratitude. You don’t have to outwardly express gratefulness, it can be in your silent mind – but don’t take things for granted.

I could write for days about each aspect of this. These are just some simple rules for life. A simple life is a happy life!

After reading this, why not sit back and take a moment to think about this, then see how you can immediately start to smile more, continue being the kind person that I am sure you already are, and take a step back to appreciate what you have the good fortune to own, do and be.

I don’t have a reason for writing this really. So, please let me know what you think. Thanks in advance. If you hate it, tell me.

I will see how this goes and perhaps do it more often. Maybe I will make a new tab on my website’s main menu to create a digital journal for some of my thoughts and add to it often?

I realise that my website – this blog – has allowed me to reach and connect with so many people around the world. I set out to inspire others to follow their dental dream and really just wanted to help people. I am very grateful and happy that I am achieving that.

Smile. Be Kind. Be Grateful.

Thank you for following me and for reading through my content 🙂

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