After a long, unexplained hiatus, I am back! Did anyone ever wonder why there was no new content? Did anyone care? Perhaps not. But regardless, I am back to and am super excited!

Let me take a few steps back.  I want to take this opportunity to explain what I mean, where I have been and what’s my plan. You are likely to be reading this now and have no idea what I am going on about…

When I launched this website, the plan was always to remain active and be developing new content and writing new posts on a regular basis. But, I got well and truly sidetracked. Guilty.

I write this post now, sat in my new flat (a rental) on a beautiful sunny Wednesday afternoon (August 1st 2018). The past many months have kept me incredibly busy with all things dentistry. It’s been fully hectic but in a good way.

To cut a very long story short [and so that I can avoid oversharing in this post because I do plan to write all about what’s been going on over the past year or so] I have been serving as the President of my dental school. It has been a huge honour, and an amazing experience, but, as a result, it has completely and utterly consumed me.

You may have kept up with me through my Instagram account, and therefore may have some idea of what I have been getting up to. That is one of the reasons why I like having the Instagram profile to compliment this website. They compliment one another and allow me to share in different formats, on different platforms, for similar but different audiences.

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 22.31.56

I have been so focused on being the Student President that I had very little time left to focus on the dorkydentalstudent website. Of course, it is a shame since I would have loved to have kept blogging simultaneously, but, honestly, I was so overwhelmed with: general life stuff, being a third-year dental student, trying my best to be a great president and attempting to hang on to as much of my personal life as possible that I couldn’t do much else.

I’ve now successfully completed the third year of dental school. WOOP WOOP! It was amazing, and I will be writing a BDS3 post in the next few weeks – watch this space.  And I now have one month off to enjoy a summer break before returning to dental school in early September to start my fourth year of training (BDS4)! Super excited for year four, but so glad to have a few weeks off now – some much needed time off to rest, recharge, get things back on track (with this blog and also my personal life) and have some fun (in the sun, hopefully).

There’s plenty of new content I will be creating and releasing from this point onwards! I am so happy to be back to focussing on this and seeing what the future holds for it.

Don’t forget to smile, be kind and be grateful.