This is a short add-on post to compliment two other features written by the first guest writer for – I. Gaye Ustuner (GU).

The focus for this short post is an interview Gaye had with Dr Bora Korkut (BK), an incredibly talented dentist who happens to be a part of the dental faculty at Marmara University’s dental school, working in the Restorative Department.

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Dr Bora Korkut is someone I heard about first, just a few months ago.

I was at a BDA study club meeting which was focussed around dental photography. During the lecture, the speaker, also a talented young dentist himself mentioned the name: Dr Korkut as being a prominent talent with regards to his talent for photography.

Photography is a passion of mine now and as a continuation of this, dental photography is something I am becoming really interested in! Despite only being a second year student who hasn’t even screened a single patient yet…

So a little while after I attended that study club meeting, I was scrolling through Instagram posts on my phone when I came across Dr Korkut’s IG page coincidentally! And the name rang a bell for me, so I followed the link to his page and realised immediately it was the same person mentioned to me in that study club meeting just a few weeks prior.

All I know about Dr Bora Korkut is from his social media accounts and through some online research. But that’s why I love how social media is allowing people from all over the world to connect and inspire others!

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Go and check out the amazing cases Dr Korkut has worked on that are so impressively showcased through his superb photography skills! 

I have to say, I really enjoy scrolling through the images posted on his IG account, the results of all the cases he works on are incredible! With regards to restorative/aesthetic dentistry, he is certainly an individual to aspire to be like. And plenty of others must feel the same way, it’s impressive for him as a dentist to have so many followers!

I am not sure if it acceptable to include any of his clinical images here without breaking confidentiality or breaching professional boundaries. It is Dr Korkut’s work and he has gained the consent to post them, but I cannot so just go and check it all out yourself.

The Rubber Dam work he does looks so cool! And he sometimes uses a black dam which gives awesome contrast to the ‘white’ teeth.

Anyway, that’s a brief introduction and here’s the brief interview…



GU: What made you choose dentistry as a profession?

BK:  Dentistry, especially restorative dentistry is kind of an art for me… I can create my own artistic restorations while helping people with dental problems. And as a result beautiful smile on patient’s face is priceless 🙂 That is why I chose it…


GU: What are your ambitions as a dental professional for the next 5-10 years of your career?

BK: As an academic, I would like to be a professor of course and I would like to train more dentists and also patients to help preventing malpractices in dentistry… 🙂


GU: Do you think does Marmara University have some effects on your career and dental skills?

BK: Marmara University, especially our new health campus in Istanbul has great opportunities for clinical treatments. On the other hand everybody knows in Turkey that dentists who graduated from Marmara University are one step ahead…


GU: As you are someone quite prominent with social media – your Instagram page has >23,000 followers, what are your thoughts on the use of social media with dentistry?

BK: I think social media is indispensable for dentistry right now. It is like a free showroom for us and using it wisely will definitely lifts you up as a dental specialist. Also the eductional effects on patients is important.


GU: What are three top tips for dental photography?


  1. a) Use the correct light source
  2. b) Use the light with correct angle
  3. c) Use a macro lens with the correct parameters


GU: What advice would you give to any dental students who want to enhance their aesthetic dentistry development?

BK: Dental photography is just like a third eye for dentists in todays dentistry. From the begining of senior year you should use a professional dental camera to do a better work every time. You can see your mistakes after each treatment so you can do better ones next time. You can also create your showroom by using it. You can show patients some examples before the treatment or former pictures after the treatment. In conclusions dental photography should be your best friend to do the best 🙂

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Thanks for reading 🙂

And Dr Korkut, if you’re reading this – keep up the great work! It’s truly inspiring to me as a dental student