Like pretty much everyone else these days, social media steals a significant proportion of my attention daily and therefore my life. That’s the reality of life in this age, if we shy away from it, we miss out.

Instagram is my personal favourite. I’m most drawn to it because the basis for IG is pictures. I’ve always been more interested in a visual centre-point complimented by text as opposed to the other way around. It was initially through Insta that I came across Tooth Wise, I can’t remember exactly how, but I think whoever runs their page followed my personal account.

That was the first exposure to Tooth Wise and since then, they’ve popped up a few more times on my social media. Not just through IG but also on Facebook.

This kind of exposure doesn’t happen by accident, so to give credit where credit is due, Tooth Wise have done very well marketing themselves.

It is not just me that has noticed the social media presence of Tooth Wise, they were recently nominated in two categories at the Dental Industry Awards 2016: App of the Year’ and ‘Best Use of Facebook Marketing’. Getting nominated is a huge honour in itself, especially when you consider the calibre of the other companies getting nominated (Oral B, the Dental Directory, and Ivoclar Vivadent) but they won an award!

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 12.32.06.png

Oral-B won the ‘App of the Year’ award, and fair play you almost can’t compete with the heavy artillery and millions of pounds that they have as a company. So being in the same category should feel like another win for Tooth Wise in itself.


Sorry, I still haven’t explained what Tooth Wise is yet! I wanted to begin by applauding their social media presence and now I will tell you all about them based on what I know.

My research began online; I explored their website and did a Google search. But I could only find out so much through my internet research, so I contacted them and we’ve communicated over the phone and via email, all of which gave me lots more interesting info to write about here 🙂

For starters, the best thing to do is to find out what Tooth Wise is for yourself: 

Tooth Wise is a recently formed new online dental news platform. They launched in February 2016, and have since established themselves in the online spheres of dentistry.

They went live in February 2016, but I’m sure the idea for the initiative come to them many months before then as they would have needed time to develop the website, algorithm and branding too!

I’m a big fan of simplicity and their website, social media pages and of course also their logo are clean and professional. That’s why it was a surprise when I found out it was a student-run initiative!

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 12.14.24.png
The Tooth Wise logo

The platform collates the latest research, news articles and blogs from various sources within the dentistry profession, providing an easy point of contact on anything dental.

Their ethos is: “Bringing Dentistry Together” – something I truly believe in. The dental community is worldwide, and sharing ideas, passion and knowledge crosses all borders.

I’ve taken the below from the “about” page from their website

Using our algorithm, Tooth Wise collates news from all the best sources in dentistry, worldwide. We group these collections into various categories, specific to the specialities of dentistry.

The world is full of great stories, and Tooth Wise helps you discover, vote and share on the very best ones. We want to help great content discover smart readers.

When you think about the news, its probably one of the things you read the most in your life. The resource that fuels the future. With this unique relationship, we take our work very seriously.

With this, Tooth Wise is designed to be very powerful, but remarkably simple to use.



What’s truly impressive is that it was created by current dental students at King’s College LondonSorabh Patel, Anika Parmar, Arjun Varma and a dental student training in Hungary at the University of Debrecen, Nikunj Sondagar (but he’s from London).

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 13.05.16.png
The Tooth Wise team

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 17.19.08.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 17.19.24.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 17.19.33.pngScreen Shot 2017-04-05 at 17.19.44.png


The reason they can do what they do, is their collective experience.

Anika and Sorabh have both been to university before – they are mature dental students, which gives them an edge. After graduating from Queen Mary University of London, Anika worked full time at a marketing agency in London which undoubtedly gave her the digital marketing skills that she’s used to develop Tooth Wise. I used to work for a market research agency in the pharmaceutical industry, so can really appreciate how necessary for success it is to have someone with skills in digital content creation.

Then there’s Nikunj, who despite being a remote partner studying in Hungary has a HUGE part to play in their success. His role as a Creative Director for AUXO, a digital design company that he set-up is also absolutely to Tooth Wise’s success. I won’t write more about Nik, instead I’ll direct you to a feature article on him that you should check out on


What sets them apart I believe is that it isn’t simply just a website where they manually locate and link dental news, they have designed an algorithm that does this for them!

Not only that, they have developed partnerships with 44 universities (maybe more by the time I publish!) across the world to share the latest research findings. As with any great start up, they are constantly growing and developing themselves – I know that Anika is always looking to connect with new partners.

What I’d urge you all to do, regardless of what country you are in is to go and check out their website. If you’re a dental student like myself or a young dentist then I think you should also pin their website to your internet search toolbar so that you can be directed to their website in a single click. There’s new content shared every day.

You can even download their app to your smartphone, which will make it even easier to check out the latest in dentistry wherever you are!

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 01.03.38.png
Go Download the Toothwise App

I’m going to use Tooth Wise moving forward to keep up to date on all things dental and I’m sure it will also be a useful resource to me when it comes to university assignments as a complimentary tool to PubMed which is invaluable.


One feature of theirs which is fantastic is the video interviews which they call Tooth Wise Moments” with some really exciting dental professionals who are doing special things for our profession – you can watch these on their website. They usually last 10-15 minutes for are easy watching 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 17.33.23.png
Here are some of their Tooth Wise Moments – all worth watching!

Another great feature is their infographic style posts with tips/tricks/advice. These are so easy to read thanks to their small snippets of information which are visually presented so simply with great graphics.

This is one nice example to check out and I hope they don’t mind that I’ve shared two other infographic posts of theirs below – find out more about each on their site.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 18.05.03.png
Each tip was discussed in more detail in the full feature post.
Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 18.17.12.png
Anika and the team have done a great job with these^


We need more people like Sorabh, Anika, Nikunj and Arjun entering the dental profession – these kind of entrepreneurial go-getters will help drive the digital age of dentistry!

Thanks to the Tooth Wise team, I look forward to seeing how you develop into something truly great over the years! It’s especially impressive and I can appreciate how hard you all work because you’re all students like me so need to also prioritise your dental studies – Keep it up 🙂



Since writing and uploading this post, Tooth Wise has evolved and no longer exists in the form it once did. I believe it has become Wise 360 and is very different. Nonetheless, the brilliant dental students who set this up are now involved with new, amazing projects within the world of dentistry. 

That’s life. Things change, they evolve. But the people behind brilliant ideas, people with progressive, innovative minds and grand ambitions will always have a positive impact whatever they do. Never is this more true with Sorabh, Anika, Nikunj and Arjun. They are inspirational young leaders in dentistry, definitely names to be aware of 🙂