Hey Everyone

If you’re reading this now, it’s hopefully because you’ve seen me announce that my blog is now live through social media 🙂

I’m very excited and also very nervous but it’s actually happening now!

I’d like to start by thanking you for visiting; your support means a lot.

Special thanks is extended to those who have had a first look at the blog for me! I decided to “soft launch” my blog and this simply involved sharing it with a select few individuals, including: family, friends and a couple of dental students. I then gathered their harsh, honest feedback and made any changes that were suggested which I agreed with.

This is supposed to be a platform for me to share my thoughts on a variety of dentistry-related topics with other dental students, young dentists and perhaps most importantly, it is for prospective dental students – anyone who might not be a dental student yet but is considering dentistry.

The content so far has all been produced by myself.But like everyone at dental school I am super busy with my actual dental studies and everything else in my life, so it would be impossible to be the sole content producer for this blog, especially given that I’d really want it to become more than just a blog; I’d love for this to morph into a platform that provides useful information in an easy to digest form with a touch of humour. So I have begun reaching out to passionate dental students and young dental students across the globe to ask if they would be happy to get involved by writing or contributing to specific posts in the future.

Just a note to say that at this early stage, some of the menu links have no attached content (YET) so bear with me as I write some more of the pillar content.

The idea for a blog first was first seeded in my mind before I even started at dental school in September 2015. It’s been a long while in development, but I think my new blog is at a stage now where I’m ready to share it with you all.

In terms of website design and post formatting, things aren’t yet 100% complete so it is likely to evolve a little more over the next few months- just an FYI

I’ve really enjoyed the whole process so far. Designing the website has been a totally new experience for me so there was a huge learning curb but I’m happy with the user interface across all platforms (PC/tablet/smartphone), the visuals and WordPress theme I decided to choose.

After I decided on the blog’s name, the next step was to develop a brand – I’ve kept it simple with a three colour palette of black, white and grey; neutral shades. I realise this is such a minor little detail in the grand scheme of things but something I enjoyed.

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 15.02.27.png
Kept it really simple #DDS

And you’ll have to forgive me, I’m not the most eloquent, so it may not read anywhere near as well as other online content (articles/blogs etc), but I acknowledge and accept writing is something I’m not so good at, and so in this respect, I will use this blog as a platform for self-development.

I have lots of great ideas for posts and videos in mind, so there is a massive amount of as of yet unproduced content that will be shared over the next few years!

My plan is to release a new post quite regularly, and especially in the few months of this blog I will hopefully be writing plenty of new core features/articles/random dentistry posts!

You might take a loot at this blog and think: “What’s new? This has been done before, the content already exists so why bother?” 

I’d respectfully counter that viewpoint and suggest that there is a niche that this blog is going to settle down in and call home. I won’t elaborate on my belief in writing here, instead I’d like to prove it to be true through the next 12-24 months of this blog’s existence.

If you have any cool interesting ideas for collaborations, or if you want to either write a post on a dental topic then get in touch.

Thank for reading, thanks again for visiting my blog and for your support!